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Characteristics of a Good Website

When you are building a new website or redesigning an existing website, it is crucial to understand the importance of a website. Before starting website design, you must decide the purpose of your website and its target audience. Website is a digital address and the face of your business and so its design and content must reflect the ideologies and service/ products clearly.

good web design

Below are a few points that will help you identify the characteristics of a good website:

• Easy Navigation: Be it a single page website or multiple pages interconnected to each other, user must be given simple and easy to understand navigation options to explore the entire site. It can be quite a frustrating experience for the user to click multiple times to travel from one page to another.

• Crisp and Clear Web design: A good graphic designer must be hired to design the outlook of each page of your site. Ensure that the website does not look loaded with images and content and at the same time gives a sophisticated appeal. The best way to choose the look and feel of the site is to think as the end user. For example, a photography or travel website would showcase bright colors and more number of images than a corporate website.

• Simplicity and Speed: Web design of your site must be attractive and glitzy for the end user to remember it. However, adding too much animation and flashy videos can make a site slower to upload pages. Easy to scroll and faster websites are always revisited more often than frustratingly slow pages.

• Search Engine Optimized: Website is designed, developed and deployed, but there are no visitors. That may be because Google is yet to recognize your website. SEO ensures that your site is visible and gets right traffic that leads to conversion.

A good website is essential for any kind of business to attract customers, educate them about your services and products. So, website design and content must be eye-catching and original.